I am at BCB4 and Windows guys are not able to connect

iveBCB4 Well I am there at BCB4 attending the Bloggers Collective. And I am on net. I am the only other guy using Linux. I am on Ubuntu and other Guy is on Fedora. I l Love to see more people on Linux. I happy for the reason that I am connected to the net and windows users are not! This happens very rarely. Now there is a session going on to show people how to connect to wifi on windows. Now back to BCB4.of interesting people there. 3:00 : Had a nice lunch time talk with other Bangalore bloggers 3:54 : Met few photographers here. Need to attend that photography collective. It looks there are lot 6:00 : Lots of videos from photography collective. I have around 2.5GB of it now. Update: Few pictures from Barcamp Bangalore BCB4 DSC00817 Barcamp Bangalore Regn Desk Photography collective Others Live Blogging

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  1. Hi

    I’m connected and I’m on Windows.

  2. thejeshgn says:

    I know. But we were the first.