Twittering from BRTFF2

Back from BRTFF2. Did a lot of twittering from the event. It was lots of fun. Here are the twitters tweets. Starting 22 hours ago from now (timestamp of this post).

  • BRTFF setting up about 22 hours ago
  • arranging the projector about 22 hours ago
  • arranging speakers. waiting for extn cord about 21 hours ago
  • watching time pass about 21 hours ago
  • time pass is by vatsa about 20 hours ago
  • listening about osians fest about 20 hours ago
  • commarades in dreams we should watch in next BRTFF about 20 hours ago
  • this is live from BRTFF about 20 hours ago
  • power down. we are listening to film makers about 20 hours ago
  • kind of summary of festival of asian and arab happened at delhi about 20 hours ago
  • ok all this talk by Pavan about 20 hours ago
  • wow that was lots of info about 20 hours ago
  • pitching in kick the producer idea about 20 hours ago
  • thats a great idea about 20 hours ago
  • power back. watching mission zero again about 20 hours ago
  • reedited version looks better about 20 hours ago
  • lots of discussion about mission zero about 19 hours ago
  • now watching lemon chai about 19 hours ago
  • enjoying it. its a good movie. about 19 hours ago
  • lots of discussion about 19 hours ago
  • good lunch party about 18 hours ago
  • wow nice discussion here. somebody got some beer about 18 hours ago
  • we need to start. its time up. about 18 hours ago
  • ok somebody needs crocin about 18 hours ago
  • watched saviour . its a cool ad film about 18 hours ago
  • now watching hara kiri about 18 hours ago
  • its pretty decent movie about 17 hours ago
  • vatsa is talking about experimenting in kannada movie about 17 hours ago
  • watched don3. gameboy about 17 hours ago
  • watching a woman now about 16 hours ago
  • just had a chat with hasina who owns this place about 16 hours ago
  • charging the handy for some recording about 16 hours ago
  • i am missing by hook or crook about 16 hours ago
  • got the rain jackets for our long ride about 15 hours ago
  • trying to catch. also reading nandinis blog about 15 hours ago
  • we are at the end about 14 hours ago
  • i am not getting this movie. probably because i missed most of it. about 14 hours ago
  • did a shoot for EB SHOW. now back home about 12 hours ago

Review and other details about the event in the next post. Probably videos too.

4 Responses

  1. wontonwarrior says:

    wish it were till 1130 p.m. at least

  2. Girija says:

    Good event log…. Nice meeting you . Enjoyed…Brtff2

  3. thejeshgn says:

    Cool. Will catch you @ brtff3

  4. rahul says:

    i just came to know about 1 day earlier bout brtff,hope i ll get a chance to participate brtff3,