BRTFF Edition 2 with new Logo and Site

brtff logoBangalore Roof Top Film Festival edition-2 is on this saturday sunday at Chung Wah. We are very grateful to Chung Wah for offering their roof top. And I am surprised to see the registrations are full and even the waiting list is full. This edition will have some talks from Indi film makers too. I am hoping to cover them in my own EB Show.

Now BRTFF has its own website ( much like how barcampbangalore has its own). But it is still done by participants. There are no organizers / Maintainers as such. Vatsap and Hari with lot of comments from the community have come with the logo. The logo is self explanatory. Please visit the site to know more about RTFF. And give you comments and suggestions. I created this site in a day. Its a wiki based solution. I hope you will like it. And see you on sunday.

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  1. debbieann says:

    the other festival sounds like it took place at night, but this one is noon on Sunday right? someone just pointed out that rooftops aren’t dark during the day, but I am guessing since it is the second flr, this one will be during the day.

    At the beginning of this post you say Saturday, and then at the end you say Sunday.

    Love the wiki! sorry some people abused it, but I love wikis.

  2. thejeshgn says:

    sorry for the confusion. its on sunday. Wikis are great for community.

  3. debbieann says:


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