5 Responses

  1. sindhu says:

    is that you thej? woohoo looking cool with the hands in the pocket. loved the video, very nicely done and edited :)

    keep up the good work you guys.

  2. thejeshgn says:

    Yeah that me… :)

  3. ManojVasanth says:

    You Rock Thej!!! :)

  4. Allagappan says:

    Nice one thej! This will get more people know what BRTFF is. A few things: You could have given some attention to your body language – quite distracting(Please take this as a constructive criticism, I want more EB Videos :-) ). Video concept is awesome!

    Keep rolling more :-)

  5. thejeshgn says:

    @Allagappan: Not at all. Will try to improve.