DNS Toolbox: My most used online DNS tools

Inspired Mashable Gmail Toolbox and other Toolbox series. Here I have my DNS toolbox listed below. I will probably update the list when I get more.

  1. DNSStuff: Useful for DNS Admins and web Admins
  2. Some free services are DNSreport, DNS Lookup (A, MX, NS, SOA, etc.). Traceroute, Email Test and many more ( around 20+ free services)
  3. OpenDNS: OpenDNS is a safer, faster, smarter and more reliable way to navigate the Internet. Free DNS service. Our service is free and requires nothing to download.
  4. Who is Hosting? Who Is Hosting This is a tool that enables you to find out who is hosting any web site. Simply type in any domain name, and you'll get a link to the company that's hosting this particular domain.
  5. No-IP : Reliable dynamic DNS and web redirection for your own domain name. Many other services related to Dynamic IP binding.
  6. Free DNS:Free DNS Hosting, Dynamic DNS Hosting, Static DNS Hosting, subdomain and domain hosting.
  7. DynDNS - A free DNS service for those with dynamic IP addresses
  8. MX Toolbox:Everything about MX record lookup
  9. Tutorial : Listed and explained all DNS parameters. A must read for DNS admins.
  10. Tutorial: DNS tips and tricks

3 Responses

  1. Adi says:

    Check http://www.intodns.com/ . It’s a good alternative for dnsreport.

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    @Adi: intodns is pretty cool. Thanks for suggesting it. I like report like feature of it.

  3. Mike says:

    DNS Analyse Tool I found:

    The DNS ToolBox (http://www.netvance.com) checks the configuration of a domain and provides DNS report and mail servers report. The main improvement I noticed on this site: MX, PTR and A records are drawn into a visual chart, which can be saved and exported for documentation (same with raw data dns results)