My Top Five Bangalore Blogs

Here are my most Favorite Top Five Bangalore Blogs. The blogs listed below are in no particular order. They all are my favorite. I am giving the same weightage to all of them.
1. Metblogs Bangalore
Metblogs has been one of the biggest city based community blogs network in the world. Bangalore metblogs is driven by vibrant community of bloogers. Most of the bloggers at Metblogs are my personal favorite bloggers. Bangalore metblogs covers almost everything about Bangalore.Its a must read blog for every Bangalorean.

Written from the perspective of people who live, work, and play here every day, Bangalore is one of over forty five (and growing) blogs in the globe-spanning Metroblogging network. Get comfortable and have a look around if you'd like to know more about Bangalore, have a peek at the authors who share their Bangalore experiences with you, scan the list of "Metroblogging Cities" below to see what other cities we know intimately, or check out for a view of the overall project and news of future developments.

2. Bangalore Buzz
Covers all the news items of Bangalore from path holes to IT.

The Bangalore Blog: Boom or Doom? Tracking India's Silicon City's growth pangs.

3. Bangalore Belly
Its best eat out advice blog I have found. I am a great fan Meenakshi. Thanks for all your advices. In her own words

Bangalore belly is a blog about eating out in Bangalore. I am not an expert foodie but I love eating out and am always looking out for exciting restaurants in Bangalore. If you want some tips on what to do for lunch, dinner or dessert, read on! And don’t forget to tell me about your favourite places in Bangalore to eat and drink.

4. LJ Bangalore community
LJ Bangalore community is one of the largest Bangalore community edited blog. It has everything what a Bangalorean might need. LJ community is very vibrant and active. Be part of this community blog to know everything about Bangalore from news to noise.

5. Bangalore Daily Photo
Is a photo blog edited by Rajesh Dangi. If you want to see a picture of Bangalore life every day that’s the blog to go.

6. Bangalore Buzzz
Edited By Suzanna Thomas covers many things about Bangalore.

Trends, news and views; smell, sound, sightings and a little touch of Bangalore

And of course I have EventsBangalore.Net which I wont include in my top five as it is edited by me. But might be in your top 5 blog list :) Let me know if you like it.
Blogged by yours truly EventsBangalore covers all the events in Bangalore. Also now has a video show about Bangalore.

Blogosphere is so big thats its very difficult to find good ones. There might be hundreds of other good blogs about Bangalore which I haven't noticed or read. If you know any such, which I should read or Bangaloreans should read. Comment about them below.

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34 Responses

  1. meenakshi says:

    Thank you Thejesh :-)

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    You are welcome.

  3. sandeep says:

    dude to be frank if i rate ur blog in my list 5….

    i will rate
    1. Metblogs Bangalore
    2. Events Bangalore
    3. Bangalore Buzz
    4. Bangalore Belly
    5. LJ Bangalore community

  4. GVK says:

    Thejesh, I would like you to have a look at as well.

  5. Thejesh GN says:

    @GVK: Thanks for the link. It looks like a very good community blog. I am bookmarking it.

  6. Thejesh GN says:

    Bangalorebuzz is already there in the list.

  7. Suzanna says: is there, not!!!

    You are missing a “z” :-)

    Make the topic – “My Top Six Bangalore Blogs” please? :-)

  8. Thejesh GN says:

    Added at the end.

  9. Vaibhav says:

    Interesting post.

  10. Natali says:

    Just out of curiousity why is there a bangalorebuzz as well as a bangalorebuzzz?
    I’ve just started blogging about Bangalore and am always looking for new places to go and new events. So thanks for the list!

  11. Dhananjay says:

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  12. HS SANDESH says:

    Hi. I have read scores of blogs about Bangalore and life here, but this site is something different. Its a cool place with some interesting people. Although the content is pretty much the same its got a good theme. After all “winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”. Have Fun. . Cheers

  13. HS SANDESH says:

    i would like to add ur link to my site Thejesh cause even I’m from Bangalore. Have Fun. Take Care N Cheers.

  14. Anuradha says:

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  16. Alone in a big City !
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    My very own journey on my search to find myself :)

  17. veena says:

    Thse are all blogs about the city of Bangalore.
    What what about Good blogs written out of Bangalore , not about Bangalore but about any topic like photography or business or anything…any ideas about some good bloggers from Bangalore?

    Is there a serious bloggers forum and networking group in bangalore??

    Maybe we should run and event?

  18. Krish says:

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  19. Thilak says:

    Great list. But i am feeling some thing missed on this all blogs. needs a blog which cover more insight information about Bangalore

  20. That’s Great list of Bangalore BLogs

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  26. G says:

    All these blogs are inactive :-(

  27. Mahesh says:

    All of these are inactive, with their latest post dated back to 2010

  28. Ananya says:

    Thanks Rajesh Dangi for sharing this wonderful website..!!
    Very informative post

  29. Ananya says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative article..!!
    Keep posting waiting for next post

  30. Nihar says:

    Wonderful blogs list.
    Keep sharing this kind of post Rajesh Dangi.

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