Abdul Kalam will start blogging..that will be inspiring

apjabdulkalamPeoples President ( Yes he is still ) Abdul Kalam will start blogging very soon. From long time I had this wish of Dr APJ Kalam blogging. A week back I wrote him an email

On 12/14/07, Thejesh GN wrote:
Dear Kalam ji,
I am so glad that you are spreading the good news using your website and Billion Beats. But Billion Beats looks very formal and it is difficult for the readers to reply to the article and as well meeting somebody else with the same passion.

It would be great if you start blogging. It will be simple blog where you just have to put your ideas. This will help us to reply to the post in the form of comment and also debate with like minded people by commenting.You could blog once a week if time is a big constraint.
Wishing you all the best and expecting your blog post.
Jai Hind,
Thejesh GN

After a week I got reply this from Ponraj webmaster of Abdul Kalam's official site.

On 12/20/07, Abdulkalam APJ wrote:
Dear Mr. Thejesh
Thanks for your suggestion to start a blog. We are in the process of implementing the same at the earliest.
Very soon you will see the blog.
With regards
V. Ponraj

On 12/20/07, Thejesh GN wrote:
Thanks Mr. Ponraj Ji. I will blog about this. I am so happy.

Now looking forward for his blog.

13 Responses

  1. ManojVasanth says:

    Very Nice…Much Expected

    Thanks Thej :)

  2. Veetrag says:

    Great news!
    Looking forward to it!

  3. harsha says:

    Cool! Waiting for his blog to launch..

  4. sandeep says:

    wow maga sooperr…!!!

  5. hari prasad says:

    hey thej..

    thats really cool to know…. and all the elders can now know that…generation gap is just a mind set.. say wat…..

  6. Thejesh GN says:

    @Hari: Right. Dr.APJ is seen always with next gen(kids).He is still very young at heart.

  7. Sunish says:

    This is really good. Good to know…

  8. Video Portal says:

    Cool! Waiting to for his blog to launch..

  9. Manjukrishna says:

    Undoubtedly he is a people’s president..

  10. Shruti says:

    yipppiee! I’m waiting to see that one :)

  11. Oh Boy! This is exciting!

  12. rao.prc says:

    Great to read great man is going to blog looking fwd for his blogs