Gadgets that I carry while traveling

I am usually a backpacker hence i don't carry many things while traveling. But there are few of those that I cant miss.

1. Digital Camera : is number one on my list. I don't have to give reasons right?

2. Mobile with camera and browser: I usually carry my k750i which can act us my quick (or back up) camera. The camera of k750i is pretty decent. Won't believe? check these pictures from streets Kolkatta. I also use my mobile to keep in touch with friends and family. You might think thats an obvious function of mobile. But when I am traveling I avoid making more than one call per day and usually keep in touch with friends using internet. Hence good browser/apps is necessary. I use opera mini and some Java applications.
Twitter is the best way to get suggestions from your friends while traveling.
twitter msg
or just to keep in touch
twitter msg

3. ipod, good pair of ear phones : Music is your best partner when you are traveling alone and not in mood. Even though you can use your mobile as music device. I avoid to save battery.

4. Charger and extra batteries: I usually carry my power to usb charger. I can charge my mobile and ipod using the same charger. Extra power is necessary when you are traveling to remote places where you may not get a source to charge for a day or two. So I don't forget to carry those extra batteries.

5. USB thumb drive with apps: I can my 4GB/8GB usb drive while traveling. I usually use it to backup my pictures from camera. I have few portableapps like Firefox and text editor just in case if I have to visit a browsing cafe. Portable Firefox with my favorite plugin scribefire is of great help when you want blog on the go. You can use ipod for the same.

New additions to my travel kit:

6. GPS logger : To log my lat/lan details while I am traveling. Useful to geo tag my pictures and trace back the route.

Some gadgtes that I don't carry always:

7. Laptop: I don't carry it while backpacking.

Not gadgets but still geek stuff:

8. Visiting cards : Sometimes you won't have time to write. So carrying your personal visiting cards is of great help when you want to share your contact details with fellow travelers.

9. Maps: Is a must if you are not carrying guides.

10. Lonely planet guides: New addition to my travel kit. They have replaced my maps and notes. Its THE guide you need when you are traveling.

11. Notebook and pen: Multiple use

How does your geek travel kit look like? Anything interesting?

6 Responses

  1. Christina says:

    Interesting list and quite inspires me to start my own one too :)

  2. ManojVasanth says:

    Almost everything except 5.6.7 ;).

    Pocket Binocular, Books are other stuffs for really long journey :D

  3. Vivek Krishna says:

    What Java apps do you use?I have been looking for useful midlets but only the gmail midlet has been useful so far

  4. Thejesh GN says:

    @VivekKrishna: I have many.
    1. Opera Mini
    2. Gmail
    3. Google Maps
    4. Gmaps (supports my GPS logger)
    5. scanR
    6. ShoZu
    7. Twitteresce
    6. CricInfo MobiCast
    and many more

  5. Suda says:

    My portable travel kit includes my K750i which I have hacked, patched and loaded with lots of stuff. I carry few of my favorite cam-drivers for k750 which I change according to requirements.And almost everything except Camera(no need) and ipod(not needed when u have k750) :-)

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