Passing on the burden – Opening up Events Bangalore

As most you know Events Bangalore is my personal hobby project and not my full time job. Some times it becomes very difficult to publish the events in time. Mainly due to my regular work or due to my travel. I feel sorry when I can't publish the details even though the readers sent it to me pretty early. Now I am passing on the burden to few regular contributors. Now those who send me the events regularly can get trusted "contributor" access to Events Banaglore. And hence you can post the events to front page.

Who are those trusted contributors?  its YOU if you

  • Send the events regularly to EB or you own a theater/dance group who want to publish the events directly.
  • You promise NOT to SPAM
  • You know how to post on wordpress blog -- or ready to learn :)
  • Let me know. I will create a userid/pw for you. Contact me here.

Once you get userid/pw

  • Login
  • Click on "write" on top
  • Enter title and text ( you add pictures by giving direct urls or by uploading it. Make sure image with is 500px or less)
  • When you give the event date in text. Use the format dd-mmm-yyyy for example 01-jan-2008 so it gets on to the calendar automatically.
  • Select the categories
  • Click on publish
  • Voila its on the front page of EB

Yours Truly theater group is already doing it. So what are you waiting for?  Ask me.

1 Response

  1. Veetrag says:

    Nice initiative Thej, once we move from single person to community the results will improve. I would definitely love to be a part of this, but since I am out of BLR no use now :(