BCCI has some idiotic rules for linking

As most of you know jumbo retired and I was trying to gather information on him to write about. I was searching for some pics on BCCI site to see if I can post any pictures from there. The answer is NO you can not use any pictures from there.  Fare enough as pictures are taken by the photographers of BCCI. Worst part is you can't even deep link to any picture or article or a player profile. Well now I guess I will link to Wikipedia.

Here is that part of their idiotic terms and conditions (Probably I am breaking their terms here)

All links to Site from a Permissible Site must be to the Site's home page or to the homepage of a particular team -- links to internal pages within the Site (e.g., a player page, a photo gallery or a feature article) other than to the home page of a team are not permitted


9 Responses

  1. Ujj says:

    May be we should just stop referring these sites.

    Another non-cooperation movement is needed man. We should go to watch a match and live tweet scores/comments and pictures.

  2. Maybe you should ignore the warning and deep link to articles anyway. What are they going to do? Sue you? They’ll be laughed out of court.

  3. Sids says:

    “Not permitted”?!

    I’ve come across such stupid TOS before and guess what? They are “not permitted” to have such TOS! You can go ahead and link to their internal pages, they’ll be able to do nothing about it.

  4. Thejesh GN says:

    Now probably will give Google juice to wikipedia or cricinfo than bcci.

  5. What does it mean by saying, “The following restrictions apply to all links to the Site from any on-line, cable, wireless or other site, service or browser:”?? Aren’t they referring to any Web site?!

    It’s one thing to scrape content from a Web site and use it on your own site and call it your own. It’s completely another thing to complain if people are linking to you!

    I thought people stopped writing rules like this back in 1997…


  6. Thejesh GN says:

    @Mike Maddaloni – The Hot Iron : BCCI acts and behaves just like RIAA. You know them right?

    @Ujj : Yeah we should do that community drive scoring. That would be cool.

  7. Harsha says:

    I just can’t find the purpose behind it.. they are real idiots.. don’t love the linkback

  8. fibinse says:

    Since they said, lets use the pics and refrain from giving away any links!

  9. fibinse says:

    Since they said it, lets use the pics from the site and refrain from linking to their site!