What is My Political Ideology or View?

Its very surprising that I haven't written much about politics in last five years. I am as much interested in politics and history as I am in technology. I have been thinking about this post on my political philosophy from long time. But was lazy enough not to write about it until today. The time could not be better than the announcement of 15th Lok Sabha Elections.
In most of the discussions with friends, I end up facing the question about my political philosophy. Which one do I believe in? Its a very difficult question to answer as I don't believe in any one philosophy. I am not completely leftist or right. Neither I agree with authoritarian nor I am supporter of freedom with out responsibility. I am sure a believer secularism but keep myself away from intellectuals. So where do I stand?
My political views
Yup. That red dot is me. I am mostly a Left Libertarian if that makes any sense. I believe in personal freedom and ownership but not at the cost of natural resources getting exploited by biggies. I believe in having big corporations as long as they don't start selling vegetables or fish. I believe in freedom of expression with responsibility. I believe in democracy and secular system. As you see in the graph I am almost in the middle. I guess I have a balanced view or I am selfish enough to accept only the good points from all four.
Other greats
Nothing makes much sense if there are no reference points. So here are few other leaders. I am almost in the center of the graph with little bias towards left and personal freedom.
Vote India
But are my views or beliefs useful? Is there any party to which I can vote depending totally on ideology? I guess we all know the answer, NO, I can't. So what do I look in when I go to vote?

I try to be very practical when I vote. I have voted four five times. Twice for state, once for center and twice for my gram-panchayat. I have voted for an MP by looking at his party's POV than his personal. When I voted for state, I again saw party's credibility at the state level. But when I voted for panchayat I looked at the man. Its because at this level I might get a chance to interact with him. So I felt its better to vote for the person who is approachable and listens to you. I am not sure if this is the right way to decide candidate. But I must agree, I am not totally unsatisfied.
What is your political view? How do you decide on candidate? Any suggestions?
In 2010 my views

In 2011 my views

In 2014 my views
Looks like I am becoming more and more Left and more Libertarian.

6 Responses

  1. sandeep says:

    Yes it was my long pending question to you….. that why you haven’t written anything related to social issues and politics…

    And myself took the answer as you don’t want to write anything debatable or which leads to unnecessary comments…

    At last my long wait came to an end.. After this write-up…

    You have voted 5 times Theja…
    “Twice for state(2), once for center(1) and twice for my gram-panchayat(2).”

    Read abt your view on voting or selecting a candidate…
    Yes in some cases its true you have to vote to a person who is approachable and listens to you…But as and when the persons responsibility increases he may not listen to individuals… he may be approachable but he may not take your suggestion… so even i am skeptical when it comes to selecting a rite candidate.. It all depends on that situation like if he wins and his party cant get majority…

    So what i can say is analyze the situation, which party is going to sweep this time.. and analyze the candidate too to whom your are voting…

  2. subrat kar says:

    That’s rite. Our country needs young leader in politics

  3. Please vote out congress. I am OK with any other party but not to family politics that pervades generations

  4. Thejesh GN says:

    @CS Sharada Prasad : Yeah. I don’t like when a party becomes family business whether it is Gandhi, Gowda or Yedayurappa…

  5. Sanjukta says:

    The only party I can vote for with my ideologies is the Communist party, but I refuse to call myself a communist. I don’t know if left ideologies has any relevance in Indian politics. Traditionally I’ve voted for Congress, but this year I voted for AAP. I would never vote for BJP that is settled.

  1. June 20, 2014

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