Nano is the Netbook of Automobile world

Nano is the Netbook of Automobile world. Yes, its the EEEPC of car world.  Both of them have very similar characteristics.
1. They are affordable
EEEPC is affordable compared to other laptops available. Nano too is very very affordable. Asus with EEEPC created a new market, I guess the Nano will do the same.
2. Its small but usable
Both of them are not highly powered or very good looking, but both of them are functional. Both of them are small, easy to take around. Both of them are very usable in day today life. EEEPC saves lot of space when I am packing. Nano too doesn't need much space to park
3. Its efficient
I don't know much about the power usage of EEEPC. Nano is very efficient compared to any other petrol car in India.
4. Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play

More Geek Points
5. Its a back wheel drive FTW
6. Its DIY modelers dream car
7. Any other points to add??
I have an eeepc besides my Vaio. I use it on specific occasions like while traveling, attending conferences etc. I am just wondering how many will buy Nano as their second car. It might be a very good city car or you just want to try some DYI stuff.

BTW Nano bookings are open from today....

2 Responses

  1. Rajiv HR says:

    all in all u want say,both are for everybody’s need not for their greed.;)

  2. Veera says:

    Let’s hope that our Govt. will construct better roads and transportation at least for the Nano people! :)