Remotely lock (do what ever you want) your compute using outlook

This is a tip to use your outlook to control your machine remotely. Before we start please make sure...
1. Machine with outlook running...
2. You are solely responsible for what you are doing...
We will use outlook rules to control the (*your own*) machine from any where in the world as long as you have access to email.
Create a .bat file on your file system with

@echo off
rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

save it as act-outlook.bat
1. Go to Tools -> Rules and alerts
2. Click on *new* rule
3. Start from blank rule and check message when they arrive
4. Click next
5. Check when specific words in the subject
6. Add your *super dooper password* as that subject word
7. Click next
8. Check start an application ( and use act-outlook)
9. save rule
Outlook rules setting
Now when you want to lock the machine send a mail to yourslef *hoping your own machine* with the subject *super dooper password*
Your machine gets locked. Well you can do anything using this. lock, shutdown, format....use your common sense. (in the screen shot it even verifies for the email id from which the command has come. Added security)

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  1. VarunKumar says:

    Tried it just now :) Nice hack!!