8 Responses

  1. NutC says:

    You could wait 90 years more and post one that says 9/9/99 9:9:9. Cooler? :)

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    @NutC : Promise. I will be around and do that :)

  3. wontonwarrior says:

    why is it blurry? did u have 9 drinks? :)

  4. Thejesh GN says:

    @wontonwarrior : how I wish! Bus ride would have been less bumpier!
    i shot it with e61i..not a great camera.

  5. Dhanya says:

    I kept reminding myself abt 9/9/9 but then on THE day, I actually forgot :(

  6. Supriya says:

    yep – the moment :) I was waiting for the bus at that time to head off for Jog and Kodachadri. It was an amazing trip altogether :) More details will be blogged.

  7. Vinay Simha says:

    anybody else celebrated their birthday along with me on this day 09-09-09 !? :)