An Evening Chai at Char Minar

This is yet another long post. So give it time to load and take a big cup of coffee before start reading it. As most of you who follow me on twitter know that I am in Hyderabad. This Saturday me and my friend Achalesh decided to explore some parts of Hyderabad. We started with Golconda fort, it was great. In the evening we decided to visit old city for some chai.What else is better than char minar area for chai.

So we caught a shared auto and then bus to reach old city. As we started walking to wards char minar. We saw this beautiful structure unfolding.

It wasnt as big as I had thought. But never the less it was big and beautiful.

I took few pics from the center of the road just like other tourists.

We got to a small tea stall where we could have tea and biscuit Biscuits were awesome, they just melted in the mouth.

Then we went ahead to checkout the charminar. Minar is maintained by AP tourism.

You can enter the minar once you buy the tickets. It has a small fountain and a darga (I guess, I am not sure) inside. Char minar was bult by Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, the 5th Qutub Shahi ruler built Charminar in 1591. Char minar was to commemorate the elimination of a plague epidemic from Hyderabad.
There are steps in one of the corners to reach to the top.From the top you get the view of the streets around.

The view from the gallery is awesome. We spent more than an hour watching people from the top. The streets are fulln of people who are either tourists or locals who want to shop. The surrounding area is full of Jewellery, clothes and bangles shops.

From the top you get a great view of Char Minar mosque. We couldn't go there, but I got some pictures for you.

As sun got tired, I tried to capture him along with the mosque.You should know that I don't have my best camera with me. This is 5 years old sony 3x autoshoot camera. I am happy with the results.

We were chased out at around six. I wanted to hang around to get the night view and so we went around in the market.

There were all types of bangle shops from road side sellers to shops.

As it got dark, the whole surrounding area started glittering. It was beautiful.

At around seven they switched on the mineret lights. Here are some pictures of night view.

I hope you liked the pics. And at last that customary self shot :)

9 Responses

  1. Manoj says:

    Lovely Pictures. Specially the sunset one (13th). Awesome. Thanks for the post

  2. Vibha says:

    fabulous pictures! thanks for sharing them.

  3. neo says:

    really nice post dude … gr8 pictures ,never being to char minar before to o their.. :)

  4. jyoti says:

    beautiful pictures

  5. Thejesh GN says:

    @neo : Its a nice place. You should go.

  6. Veera says:

    good pictures!

    Some time back, there was some issue regarding a hindu temple located very near to the Charminar. IS the temple still over there?

  7. Thejesh GN says:

    @Veera : Yes. That temple still exists.

  8. Priya Q says:

    nice pics..have been to Hyderabad on work…never got an opportunity to explore the city…till i actually visit…post like your’s help :)

  9. Pramitha says:

    Good coverage……….. ur getup was suiting the visit i suppose :)