One Advice : Dont watch Avatar

You have been warned, don't watch it. Because once you watch it, the movies wont remain movies for you. Every other movie will look very very ordinary.

Once the movie started, I was like wow, then fcuk.. then amazing.. then... then.. then silence for next two hours. It was 2 hours:45 minutes of magic tour of Pandora, then I returned back to mother earth. But I am still dreaming I guess. Its almost 2:30 AM, let me go back to my dream. Again don't watch it. If you still want to, then go to the nearest Imax 3D. Good Night Ladies and Gentleman. Sweet Dreams.

8 Responses

  1. Pramitha says:

    I guess many of them already know, after they wach it, either they will be in dream land or thy will go mad. There will be a craze!!! ……….. This is no doubt MOVIE OF THE DECADE!!!

  2. jyoti says:

    planing to watch ths weekend.

  3. Veera says:

    Ok.. I’m gonna watch this piece this weekend, at any cost!

  4. Ashly A K says:

    oh man……great way of writing reviews !!

  5. Arun says:

    Nope not gonna watch it at all… ;)

  6. Prasoon says:

    As I had blogged :)
    Watch anything and everything there that releases in IMAX. Trust me, its the screen and sound that does wonders – the movie in 2D otherwise would be very boring. Any normal theatre that shows normal 3D – you’d miss the fun unless its the 90mm print with tens of thousands of watts of sound :)

  7. Veera says:

    @Arun : Why? Any special reasons? :|

  8. Pankaj says:

    I will rate 6.5/10.
    No I am not trying to be different. Even I was much more excited then anyone else before watching it. But no, I am not satisified.

    May be since I watched in 2D (no 3D in Mysore), but still, its nothing more than biggggg-glowing-flying things after all. Story – forget it. Visually also – nah !!

    Others, please limit your expectations. That may ruin your experience.