The Bad Code Offset

All of us at one time or the other written bad code. Now we cant go back and correct it, but we can offset it by buying "The Bad Code Offset", just like how big companies buy "carbon offset".

The money spent on buying "The Bad Code Offset" is sent to these five great open source projects, JQuery, Apache, PostgreSQL, Drupal and BSD.

Even though I think all big IT companies should buy some really large credits there, I don't think its practical :) But personally I am behind lots of bad code

Every time I see my old code, I feel I could have done better. Is it normal for any developer? #

I am planning to become patron member next month (My this month's budget for donation has been used. Also that I am trying live frugal, I can't cross my monthly planned budget, so will wait till next month. Any wayWikipedia still needs your help). Go ahead become a patron member.
Two big developer community sites StackOverFlow and DailyWTF are supporting and sponsoring them. So its genuine.

"The Bad Code Offset provides a convenient and rational approach for balancing out the bad code we all have created at one time or another throughout our lifetime—even when we can’t go back and fix it directly.

Denominated in Source Lines of Code (SLOC), every purchase will offset the desired quantity of SLOC and pave the way toward future code excellence. [1 SLOC]

Money raised through the purchase of Bad Code Offsets supports the various Open Source Initiatives that are performing vital work towards the salvation of our future code base.

Every purchase of an offset today will take us one line of code closer to our goal of universal code excellence. Banish the bugs in your past as you help usher in a new age of software development."

1. StackOverFlow Blog
2. TheDailyWTF article

7 Responses

  1. Is this for real or a joke?! It’s a fun idea, and I agree with you about looking at your old code.


  2. Dhanya says:

    Ok, I didn’t get the head or tail of that! Just dropped in to wish you a very happy New Year Thejesh. Have a good one :)

  3. Thejesh GN says:

    @Dhanya : doesnt matter :) wish you the same.

  4. JB says:


    I checked the link given. How can a chunk of code be classified as bad/good (Leaving blunders)?

    I am curious how can I become eligible for “Good code grant”?

  5. Thejesh GN says:

    @JB : Its left to you, you know better. As of now only big proven FOSS projects are eligible for grants.

  6. JB says:

    :) I said in general, not to project my coding skills. In my opinion, good/bad code can be subjective – I do not see any parameters or assessment methodology defined in the web site.