Going down the hill

Going down the hill is easy and fun. But how ever high speeds on the bike is dangerous if you are not careful. This time when I was coming down from Nandi, I was less conservative. My average speed was 25.93. Its nothing great but I reached 50kmph at a point and it was

I will try for faster descent next time. Cross 30kmph mark at least.

Generally I make sure
1. Brakes are working and are in perfect condition.
2. While going down hill (more on a hybrid or road bike) hitting a gravel, loose sand, sharp turn could be dangerous. If you are going down on that track for the first. Its better to be cautious.
3. Be careful about the motorists climbing the hill. Specially near hair bend curves.
4. When you apply brakes. I guess its good to apply both the brakes.

Oh yeah RunKeeper is the best I have found to track my cycling, running and even driving.

Cycled to Nandi this morning. It was beautiful

3 Responses

  1. You could learn stopping the cycle using your shoe without using any brake as an emergency brake. Use one leg to touch the sides of the back tyre. And that will make you very relaxed going downhill as well. I was forced to learn this because my friend had a cycle with poor brakes that we needed to master this art. 4 years back when I took my cycle whose brakes were stolen but didn’t realize it out, I saved myself from a potential accident by using this technique!

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    @Jayadeep Used to use that trick in my school days. It works on flat roads, but is it effective down hill? I wouldn’t take that risk.

  3. very cool expedition I must pass this route through alone