Online options for Kannada music lover

I listen to Kannada music a lot. I mostly end up buying CDs and then rip them so I can use it on my ipod or Nexus1. Its such a waste of resources. CD (eWaste) plus my time and money. Last few months I was searching for a good Kannada online music store where I could buy the mp3s directly. This way I can buy only those songs I like than the whole album. Even though my search was not completely successful, here are a few I found for your reference. As far as I know I have listed only legal sites here.

I am sure, I have missed many others. Let me know.

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  1. Niranjan says:

    Maga, super links. did not know about it. Great sites

  2. Pavan says: has good collection of Kannada and other Indian language songs to download legally.

  3. Vasanth Kaje says:

    For classical music lovers, there is GBs (rather TBs) of music at
    The site is not well organised, but database is incredible!.

  4. Thejesh GN says:

    @Prashanth I am not sure if its legal and for the same reason, I dont have here

  5. vasistha says: – check out founders too.. A very good Indian musical archives..