Stage 4: From mountains to hot Ambala

This wasn't the most beautiful but this was the most tiring one :) I (we) never expected riding on regular highways would be so tiring, Well our assumptions were wrong. The roads weren't exactly like highways we had assumed. It was two way and there was heavy truck traffic. We were also riding in ghat section which means it needed high concentration. I had also not recovered from tiredness of mountain rides. So I was getting tired very often and was affecting our mileage.
 on the way
Except for first few hundred kilometers the rest was very dry too. We weren't enjoying the ride. We cut short our ride and ended the ride in Ambala. We were out of mountains and now in hot and humid North India.
 on the way
Actually I didn't even click much pictures that day. All we did was riding and riding. We didn't do much but felt like we didn a thousand kilometer.
Next few days we roamed across Rajasthan. Wait for those stories.