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I am teaching Processing to Information and Interface Design students at NID, Bangalore. I am just back from my first class. This is the first time I am teaching in a class setup. I have taught before in a corporate setup. Most of my students have visual arts background and have no prior knowledge of programming. While its been a nice teaching experience, its quite a challenge for me not to use programming jargons. Loops and Arrays are quite a part of my vocabulary (and to most blog readers here). Unlearning them isn't easy. I felt that today but by the end of the class I could match their wavelength. The whole experience was fun. I can say a First Class Experience! I should teach more.

Processing Course Link

Course details are online and in class Processing tutorials are available online in case you want to learn by yourself. Feedback is welcome.

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  1. karthick r says:

    We had a few of them from NID as interns here @Ebay-Paypal. They were a part of the User Experience Design team.

  2. Amal says:

    I am a student from this class at NID. We appreciate your inputs and patience. Thanks!

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