Visualizing Constitution of India – 1

I am trying to visualize the constitution of India to make it easy for myself. The first one would be of-course a word cloud. Might take a while to load. Click on the image if you want bigger one.

Constitution of India

More readable one

Constitution of India

I downloaded the PDF files from Govt site. I have uploaded the same to Scribd for easy access and sharing.

Looks like our constitution is very egoistic, speaks more about itself than its people/citizen :)

Updates: Added other countries for comparison.


constitution of usa


Constitution of Pakistan


Constitution of UK

2 Responses

  1. Palak Mathur says:

    Hi Thej,

    To call the constitution egoistic would be wrong. Just concluding this on the basic of number of times a word is used is not doing justice to the Constitution. Read it, I think you would love it. Do not go for the original constitution with all legal stuff but a commentary on it. For that you can read Introduction to Constitution of India by Dr Durga Das Basu or Our Constitution by Subhash Kashyap. Hope you will like it. It will help you visualize it. Our constitution is lengthiest in the world but it doesn’t means that it is not flexible or is rigid (egoistic), you will be surprised to know the features and philosophy behind the constitution. Our only hope is the Constitution. Because it is not the Constitution that has failed us but it is we who have failed the constitution. (I think Justice Verma said this)

  2. abc says:

    hi! can make a word cloud for QATAR (which is a monarchy in the middle east region) also? please!!