Dear Reliance – One of us is lying

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A more worrying development regarding ISP actions came to light at the end of May, when the activist group Anonymous India hacked into the servers of one provider, Reliance Communication, and released a list of 434 web addresses that had been blocked. Among these were 45 addresses that Reliance had not been asked to block by either government or the courts—all of them related to an accused in the 2G scam, Satish Seth, a group managing director at its parent company, Reliance ADA Group (R-ADAG). The 45 addresses were soon unblocked. (For the record, an R-ADAG executive denied in an email that their servers had been compromised by Anonymous India, and said they had not blocked any web pages unless asked to do so by the government or the courts.)

I was on reliance netconnect on 8:14 pm on May 26, 2012 and obviously servers were compromized.

Of course I checked the source, its an iframe

Who is lying?

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  1. RCOMcare says:

    Dear Customer,

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you. This is to inform you that your concern has been noted. Please provide us your contact details such as Full name, Subscriber ID, and the type of Inconvenience you are facing, so that we are able reach you. Our team is eager to help you.



    • Thejesh GN says:

      I guess you can’t do much now other than beefing up your web security and making sure no customer data is lost.

      • chupchap says:

        For a second I thought that comment was a joke =D Can’t believe they have people who work like bots.. posting comments without even reading the blog post.