You are invited to Open DataCamp Bangalore 2013

logo-mastYearly Open DataCamp Bangalore is here. This time its going to be a two day event with awesome talks, workshops and hackathon. So block your calendar for March 2 and 3rd. Its a weekend, so its easy that way. We have already received quite a few interesting proposals from visualizing politics to playing with Open Street Map. But there are a few slots still available, so go ahead send me your proposals. This year unlike last year we have different types of slots. Read the announcement

Main Talks - 45min+15minQnA
-- Mostly by invited guest
-- Please send the suggestions. We will try our best to get them.

Short Talks - 20min+10minQnA
-- Good for sharing experinces, results etc
-- Send proposals

Lightning Talks - 5min
-- Good for quick introduction to a project, call for help or collabaration
-- Each lighting talk is for 5 minutes maximum
-- 7 slides = 5 content, 1 title, 1 about me slides
-- I have attached the templates for lighting talk. Use that format.
-- Presentations have to be sent early so we dont have to waste time on that day

Short Workshop - 45 Mins
-- Small tutorials
-- Send proposals

Long Workshops/Hackathons - 60 Mins
-- Longer tutorials, Hands on sessions etc
-- Send proposals

Unscheduled - 2 hours on both the days.
-- Participants can shcedule on the day, could be used for discussions, tutorials, hacks etc
-- No pre planning required

Hence along with your proposal, send me the details about the kind of talk that you want to deliver.

Some of the themes that we are exploring this year are

  • Sustainable Development Through Data - Can our development projects benefit from open data?
  • Privacy/security - What are the risks?
  • Relevance of Open Data - When is open data relevant when isn't it?
  • Data for Activism - How to make change with data?
  • Standardization - How do get on the same page?
  • Open Data related projects
  • and of similar nature, no limits

Oh yeah. Go ahead and register yourself first :)

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