Contribute to Mozilla Location Service Project

Last few days I have been contributing to a project of Mozilla called Location Services. Its a crowdsourced project to map the wireless networks (WiFi access points, cell towers, etc.) across the world. This will help the devices which doesn't have built in GPS or can't get GPS signal to figure their location.


There are no big open high quality data sources like this. So now by contributing to Mozilla we can build one. You can do that by just installing an android app MozStumbler and running it while roaming around in the city.

There is a leaderboard for fun and to see where you stand. I have gained 6000+ points as of now. I want to reach at the least 1 Lakh. I have spare android phone. I will probably stick it to the dash board for a while.

Obviously there an API to access this data. You can pass the network info to get the location information.


Also the map shows bangalore is not in a great state. Can you help?

5 Responses

  1. Prashanth M says:

    Let’s race to one lakh. Collected 4k points in less than 12hrs. :)

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    I crossed 65K this weekend.

  3. Jeff says:

    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!!!