Geocaching, The Intersection and OpenPostBox

I appeared(?) on the Intersection podcast to talk about Geocaching. Geocaching is a real world treasure hunt using GPS enabled devices. The podcast itself was about IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) by ISRO. Its GPS like navigation system for Indian subcontinent. Just like GPS, IRNSS is supposed to provide open to public service with less accuracy and encrypted service for defense. That said it's probably more for Govt/defense than for public use. Consider the following factors

  • Works only in and around sub continent
  • Accuracy 1 for open civilian use will be same as GPS if not worse
  • Most mobile hardware manufacturers already support both GPS and GLONASS (Russian). GLONASS gives much correct location compared to GPS for civilian use. Which manufacturer would like to support one more system with no special benefits?

So I am not very hopeful of regular Indian using it in near future.

Coming back to the podcast. I spoke about Geocaching, errors in GPS. An app called GPS Averaging. It does averaging weighted by GPS accuracy. So you probably get much more accurate location. It's an interesting tool if mapping is one of your hobbies. BTW I map Post boxes when I visit new towns or cities now. It's the new treasure hunt for me.

  1. The IRNSS is expected to provide position accuracy (two sigma) of better than 20 meters over India and a region extending outside the land mass to about
    1,500 kilometers.