Book: Networks of Newyork

I don't know anyone who can authoritatively say I know how internet works. Internet is made up millions of loosely coupled software, hardware, protocols and physical objects. It's almost impossible to know every part of it in detail. But most of us can logically explain how it works with some black boxes. This book opens one of the black boxes "physical objects". Since its physical objects they occupy a space and in this book its Newyork city.

Networks of New York - Ingrid Burrington’s Book. ©️ Ingrid Burrington.

Networks of New York - Ingrid Burrington’s Book. ©️ Ingrid Burrington.

Ingrid Burrington is an artist who loves maps, internet and politics etc. Things that I really enjoy. So I had to read this book. I was very happy to buy a DRM Free epub version from Melville House.

The book reads like a NYC digital mapping exercise where Ingrid maps everything that is physical and remotely connected to internet. She gives background and enough history to keep the reader interested. If you live in NYC or visit, you can go on endless "Internet of Real Things" walking tours.

I don't live in NYC but since I read the book I have noticed the cabling, the microwave point to point dishes, all kinds of cameras etc. It's very interesting to see how disorganised cabling in Bangalore is.

I think its a must read if internet and maps are of interest you. It might even inspire you to map the internet of your city.