TV Appearance

I appeared on TV9, Public TV and News9 recently. In all three appearances I talked about WannaCry ransomware. There are not many technologists to explain tech on Kannada TV and hence it was important.

Of all three I really loved talking to Ranganath on Public TV. The invitation was sudden and so I was unprepared. I tried my best to simplify so everyone can understand. I got all the freedom to explain the way I wanted which was comforting. Also it's a joy to see Ranganath at work. After the show I got to talk to him, ask him questions, seek his opinions etc. It was a pleasure.

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  1. Veeresha H says:


  2. Nice!

    And it seems that you have the same awful graphics on your news as we do here in the US…


  3. Manoj Kumar K says: