Weekly Notes 34/2022

It's been a good week until now. I got most things done in general. Echo has been down a bit; otherwise, we are doing okay.

  • There are new districts in India. Now, we have 757 districts in India. I updated my list and the mapping to WikidataId.
  • I am trying FreeBSD inside QEMU on my Ubuntu tpx. This is my first time on BSD systems. I want to see how it goes. Since tpx has old (as per industry standards) hardware, I am guessing there won't be compatibility issues. There could be issues with application software. I will report here about my time as a developer on FreeBSD.
  • Wrote a blog post about setting up a remote desktop system using xrdp and Reminna on Ubuntu. This is useful if you want desktop access on a shared computer.  
  • Self-hosted ntfy push notification system built on top of web technologies. It works like magic. So on my desktop and on my LineageOS, I can now get push notifications without the big two involved. Also, ntfy works well with the UnifiedPush notification system. 
  • We will be in Thrissur for the next three weeks. We will work from there. Slowly Thrissur is becoming my second HO. 
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