Weekly Notes 42/2023

I have been having some neck pain for the last two weeks. I have been wearing a collar upon the doctor's advice. It's kind of under control now. But I might have to do something more to fix it.

Snehatheeram Beach. I think crows make good outdoor pets.
Snehatheeram Beach. I think crows make good outdoor pets.

  • It has been a tough week in general. But we went to another beach in Thrissur called Snehatheeram and had a good time. 
  • I wrote a blog post about my recent move to Bruno.
  • I have been using Budibase to build something serious that the business will use. I am using built-in BudibaseDB, external CouchDB, and Google Sheets. Until now, it has met all my expectations. I might move to a premium account soon. 
  • I have not watched or read much this week. I spent most of my time around family. I need to get back to reading. Lots pending.

Note: I had this blog written yesterday but forgot to click publish!

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