Weekly Notes 02/2024

Uma is nine months old; she has teeth now. And she has also become more aware of things. She wakes by 06:30 AM; I usually spend an hour feeding, cleaning, and playing with her. Echo and Pathu eat much earlier in the day and go back to sleep. Sometimes, they join for the play part. But they are not morning people like Uma. They are evening people. Uma can recognize faces and make sounds now. She is often seen smiling and shouting while pointing fingers or calling, mostly Pathu. Pathu is her target of every new experiment. I just realized that every week, I find new things about her; a week is a long time for babies, I guess. 

Picture of Echo in the sun.
Echo wasn't feeling well but that didn't stop him from getting Sun.
  • Echo has Urinary tract infection (UTI) again. Thankfully, he has fantastic doctors who can help him on call. He is recovering well. Being friendly and communicative is a big part of being a doctor. Especially if you are a pediatrician or small animal vet, half the things can be solved by being just that.
  • I have been reading many blogs, making me happy and calm. Reading about simple things strangers and friends do every week is like hanging out at a friendly bar on Friday evenings. You can see the updated list of my weekly blog subscriptions (JSON Raw Data)
  • I wrote a blog post about the Wireless Monitor Setups I use on the go.
  • I had heard about omg.lol sometime back but had yet to explore it. This week, I took some time to explore the services and community of omg.lol. It gives you blogging + social services for $20 a year. It's worth it if you are beginning to blog or getting into social media. Currently, I am using only their Mastaodon service. Currently, that's the only social media account on which I am actively following people. We will see where it goes. But I am very optimistic about ActivityPub. The community on omg.lol services have been fun and friendly. In general, all their services are IndieWeb friendly and you map your domains to their services.
  • While at Thrissur, we met one of Anju's family friends. Uma enjoyed being there and meeting new people.
  • Work at Peppo has been good. It's the beginning of the quarter, so I'm busy. We are also preparing for a get-together in February. It has been a while since Peppo members physically met. I have never met some of my team members. So I am kicked about this meet.
  • Our first date night in 2024 was in Thrissur. We went out to Kokki. I liked the beef biriyani; the rest of the food was regular. Kokki was not on OSM, so I had to add it and its neighbor

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