Weekly Notes 04/2024

I was on a single-day motorcycling trip today. The last time I went on a motorcycle ride was a decade back . I was nervous and also excited. We went to Lepakshi and Penukonda. The whole ride was around 300 KMs. The ride was good. This ride was in preparation for a three-day ride I plan to do soon. 

At Pemukonda Fort
At Penukonda Fort
  • We were at a friend's wedding on Sunday, the first time Uma had watched such a big gathering. She was okay with it and was friendly to all of them.
  • I also made a gallery of featured images from last year's weekly posts. I want to add places and people to that gallery, along with the notes and week number. I am working on it using Jinja2 templates and WordPress queries.
  • I have added the "Share on Mastodon" button to all posts. It should work with all Mastodon instances. 
  • Right-wing India's transition to fascism is complete. Until now, we are Indians; the rest are deshdrohis. Now it is; we are hi*dus, and the rest are deshdrohis. It took hardly a decade. It was also quite sad to see folks and friends who were on the right move to the extreme right. Now, they were always there, but they were hiding. These are the worst kind. I found two poems by Kuvempu that are relevant for the day. 
  • I have a book server at home now. So we can use the books internally. This is similar to how music is hosted internally at home now. That way, we have a copy of what we buy. 
  • This has been a good blogging month.

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  1. rajshekar says:

    I could not understand your 4th point “Right-wing India’s transition to fascism is complete.” please elaborate about it. So Probably we could understand better.