Location: Bengaluru

Bengaluru aka Bangalore is where I live and have been here for most of my life. So it’s not a surprise that most posts on this blog have this location tag.

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Weekly Notes 04/2023

I was invited to BuzzWomen’s all-hands meetup. One of their long-term employees used the word “ಕಾಳಜಿ” (Kāḷaji) as a reason for being loyal to BuzzWomen. The direct translation is “concern,” but it’s more like care + kindness + concern. I love the usage of the word. One will work for a long time for an organization that shows “ಕಾಳಜಿ”. I am happy that BuzzWomen is one such organization.

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Weekly Notes 03/2023

We are back in Bangalore. It’s cold coming from Thrissur. Thrissur was, in fact, pleasant this time of the year. I also noticed the filter in my air purifier had changed color, so I had to replace it. Not only that, I got another air purifier from Ikea for A’s office. Air pollution in Bangalore is a real problem. 


IDVC 2022 – Final Stats

As you would know, I run IDVC survey project, which collects the prices of idli, vada (vada), dose(dosa), and coffee across Bangalore. It’s an ongoing project. The idea is to map the price over time and across geographies in Bangalore.  

Part of that larger plan is also to publish the rates of idli, vada (vada), dose(dosa), and coffee at the end of every year. Since 2022 has ended. I have the stats here.