Campuhan Ridge Walk – Ubud

Campuhan Ridge and Ubud Rice Fields Walk combined walk is another one we wanted to do while we were in Bali. We started post-noon around 3 PM after Uma finished her snacks. I had seen pictures; the trail was marked well and had tiles, so I assumed we could walk with Uma on the stroller. But as soon as we entered the trail near the temple, we realized it wasn't the case. It has lots of steps to climb, and it is steep. So stroller use is not possible. Thankfully, we had carried a baby carrier, so we continued with me holding the baby and Anju carrying the stroller.

You take steps here, which goes down and then goes up.

The climb is quite steep with a baby with you, but it is quite pretty, and the air is fresh. So we could walk although slowly.

Anju carrying stroller
Campuhan Ridge Walk
Us on the way
Uma and me. She had slept by the time we reached top. I am tired.
Rice fields
When we entered the town, we saw this and road started.

At around 3.5 km, the trail ends, and you get to the road, so we used a stroller from there. But mind you, there are very steep ups and downs after that. And it is very tiring.

We wanted to do the Campuhan Ridge Walk and Ubud Rice Fields walk together. But the Campuhan Ridge Walk was more strenuous than we thought, as we were carrying a baby. We had walked around 4 KM by then ( Our GPX File ), so we stopped at the end of the temple and took a taxi from there. The Rice Fields Walk has to wait for another day.

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