Weekly Notes 26/2024

Our trip AngkorWithAppa is complete. We are back in Bengaluru. There is very little to update in this weekly as most of the time was spent traveling, and I have captured them in the daily updates: Sat - AWA 3, Sun - AWA 4, Mon - AWA 5,  Tue - AWA 6, Wed/Thu - AWA 6.

I am not sure what we were talking.
I am not sure what we were talking.
  • Next year, they want to visit Vietnam or Sri Lanka; let's see. If their health stays the same, then we can surely do it.
  • While returning, I had a couple of hours of spare time at the airport. So, I mapped most of the Terminal onto OpenStreetMap.
  • I started work on Thursday. Lots of time went into catching up. I still have 100+ unread emails. I should be able to close them by the weekend. I will have a cleaner week next week.
  • Uma has started saying Appa now. She doesn't know what it means but keeps saying it. I couldn't capture it. Hopefully, I can. I am thrilled. I will be thrilled when she understands what it means.
  • Uma's schedule is also changing. Her naps during the day have reduced. Her night sleep remains almost the same, but once in a while, she wakes up in the middle of the night and then refuses to sleep in her bed.
Siem Reap International Airport - OSM Mapping

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