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Five Years in blog world 12

Five Years in blog world

I can’t believe! I have spent five years in blog world. My blog life started with TechMag on 25062003. Here is my previous post about my blogging life.

Meeting Noel Tomorrow 3

Meeting Noel Tomorrow

Noel (a.k.a Noneck, http://www.luckofseven.com/) blogger from US is on world tour and visiting different cities and interacting with Open source communities, blogger communities and their like. He will be in Bangalore from morning of the 25 till the night of the 27th. Myself and other Bangalore bloggers and FOSS enthus are meeting him...

My Top Five Bangalore Blogs 30

My Top Five Bangalore Blogs

Here are my most Favorite Top Five Bangalore Blogs. The blogs listed below are in no particular order. They all are my favorite. I am giving the same weightage to all of them. 1. Metblogs Bangalore Metblogs has been one of the biggest city based community blogs network in the world. Bangalore metblogs...

How many hits does EventsBangalore get 5

How many hits does EventsBangalore get

Many were interested in the taraffic flow to EventsBangalore at BCB4. Here is the screeshot from Analytics for this month. This count is only for blog and doesnot include my hits to community and wiki. You can add around 2k to that. This month I have 8375 visitors and around 15k page views....

First Episode of the EB Show 4

First Episode of the EB Show

As announced quite some time back. We have started planning for the first episode of the EB Show. Initially I had plan for two hosts one of them being lady. I havent got anybody until now. So if you are interested let me know. As of now it wil be all guys show...

Improved EventsBangalore 0

Improved EventsBangalore

There are lots of changes that are going on at EventsBangalore. Some are visible and some are not . There is going to be a big change in EB Community. You should be able to see them in first week of august. There will be an option for the users to post the...