Moving away from Feedburner

I know FeedBurner has been dead in-terms of new features for a long time. But they were proxying the blog feeds with no issues. I have been trying to shift the feeds to any new host. I had used my domain so moving wouldn't lose any existing subscribers. But I had not done that, mostly due to my laziness.

But Mike's email this week triggered me to start this migration. I checked many hosts, but they all had the same issues. At last, I decided to host it myself. But in there too, I cheated a bit and used AWS.

So I used an AWS API Gateway with Restful APIs. To which I mapped a custom domain name. I created a resource at each request path like "thejeshgn", then add a GET method, which proxies the HTTP request to my RSS feed.

Remember the following points things when configuring the gateway.

Endpoint : EDGE
Integration type: HTTP
HTTP method: GET
Endpoint URL:

Remember to change the response header in "Method Response" to "application/xml" because, by default, the gateway makes it "application/json". I also mapped my custom domain "" to the API gateway.

So now, instead of FeedBurner, I am using AWG API Gateway. All this was possible due to my domain. So buy that domain if you don't have one yet.

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