Blogring, aka my Webring

Blogring, aka my Webring, is live now. I have been planning to do this for years. The idea was to recommend the blogs I regularly read to my readers. Only personal blogs or blogs that individuals write are included. It's done now, and it's live. It's my custom webring with a link to my favorite blog along with a short note. It is currently displayed on the sidebar. It changes for every refresh. I am yet to load all my favorite blogs to the DB so that they might repeat.

Blogring in the sidebar
Blogring in the sidebar

It's picked up randomly. It depends on Javascript's random function. I also have a recycle button if you like to get another blog recommendation. Most of these blogs have an RSS feed. It's in my CouchDB but not displayed yet. I will add that. I will continue to work on improving that embed widget.

Each blog is a separate record in my DB. _ids are just numbers. There is no particular meaning to it.

  "_id": "1",
  "_rev": "2-28f1788e6b482b5cb24c4b273e6f5323",
  "title": "Dave Winer",
  "url": "",
  "feed": "",
  "tags": [
    "RSS Feeds",
    "Open Web"
  "description": "Dave writes about developing open web applications and open protocols like RSS, OPML, etc. He writes regularly and advocates for open web protocols developed outside big companies. I mostly read his blog every day. "

I have also emended the same widget below too. You can click on ♻️ icon to get another suggestion. Enjoy visiting, reading and subscribing to my favorite blogs.

I have a project page to track updates to this project of mine, if you like to follow.

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2 Responses

  1. Hey Thej – Webrings… I just had a flashback to the late 1990’s! And thank you for including me in it – I am honored.

    I was thinking about webrings not too long ago, and now I have another project to add to the list. Oh for the time to do it…

    Happy New Year!