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Is Indian IT in State of Emergency? 11

Is Indian IT in State of Emergency?

Quoting TOI “With IT firms buffeted by today’s turbulent times, the government has reached out a helping hand. Reciprocating their needs, it has exempted IT/ITES and software establishments from the provisions of Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act 1946 (Central Act 20 of 1946)” I am not sure what is the rational behind suspending...

Maratha Light Infantry and War Cries 16

Maratha Light Infantry and War Cries

Around 400 hundred Indian soldiers of Maratha Light Infantry led the march yesterday in Paris. I was reading the history of them on wikipedia and then the words “bol Shri Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai’ caught my interest. Its the war cry of MLI. Here is the list of other war cries from...

All the best Nandan 3

All the best Nandan

Well, what should I say? Farewell function was long and very senti. It looked like whole of @infy had gathered to catch a glimpse of Nandan. I am cursing myself for not carrying a camera on such a big occasion. Here are some pics from my mobile. Nandan has been with Infy for...

Ideas for India’s future 6

Ideas for India’s future

Nandan talks about ideas for India’s future at TED. He talks about the ideas which made India what it is today. He talks about the ideas which are in the phase of implementation, which are in discussion and at last for the future. He also give his points why the world should worry...

Vote 6


Please do vote. I usually vote to a National Party* when I am voting for Lok Sabha. Regional parties and independents are usually spoilers or vote splitters. So think logically and vote. * Only BJP and Congress are national parties according to me. Update April/24: I voted but very disappointed.