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Right to Fight 0

Right to Fight

Well I have many reasons not to agree with Team Anna. But what I agree is their (or anybody’s) right to fight. Specially if its against a corrupt system. What raged me is tactics used by Government to kill the movement even before it started. And probably that is the reason I support...


Open Data in India

These days my work mainly involves around government data (or the data that I assume govt should provide). You must have already seen the open data initiatives by both USA (Data.Gov) and UK(data.gov.uk) governments. I am not sure how good or the bad the data is but the initiative as such is a...

Remembering 26/11 1

Remembering 26/11

Wanted to write this post from yesterday night. But didnt know what to write.  26/11 was just one of those incidents which got world (media) attention but I see one such happening every day.  I go through various  emotions every time I read about such violence. This post is not only for remembering...