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RTWA 8/9: Delhi and Back

Day 8th was probably the longest drive in this trip. Roughly around 600KMS. But the roads were great so we didnt feel much. We left Lucknow quite late by 9am. We had half tank fuel, so I didn’t think much. It gives at least around 350KMS for that much. After Joining the Lucknow...


RTWA 5: Varanasi

We left Allahabad after breakfast at Coffee House today. We covered the distance of around 130 KMs in about three hours. The road is two lane but without divider. There was quite a bit of traffic and people dive quite rash here. We took a single break to have great tea. We reached...

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RTWA 2: Mathura And Agra

We left early around 530AM this morning. Except navigating the area around new Delhi railway station. The drive was actually good. In 2005 I didn’t get to drive on Yamuna Expressway. This time I did. My around 8 am we were at Mathura. We got to see the jail in which Krishna was...