RTPM – Real Time Productivity Monitor

RTPMTM - Real Time Productivity MonitorPP is productivity monitoring tool which runs on your resources computer to monitor the productivity. It helps your resources to see their RTPITM Real Time Productivity IndexPP so that they can increase their productivity index.It keeps track of the productive work and helps you in estimating cost, average RTPI etc. Below are some features of the application.
1. It runs on all Windows Machines in background.
2. It keeps track of the software used by the resource
3. It categorizes the software used into productive and non productive software. Using this categorization we can calculate the effort.
4. It monitors the keyboard, mouse and hard disk usage while calculating the productive time.
5. It can distributed (auto installed) on your resources computer using any existing methods.
6. There is an option to Quarantine (
u need admin to unlock) if the RTPI goes below specific level and its real time.
7. It monitors the mails,IM messages, word, excel including your IDE contents. The system includes a centralized server with adequate AI to decide if the message/content is productive/non-productive. Hence the time spent on non productive messages will not be used in RTPI calculation.
8. When monitoring the browsers it can even log up to the level of websites. The centralized server determines if the website productive or non productive.
9. All the monitored data gets uploaded into centralized server for enterprise level calculation.
10. Comes with a powerful reporting engine for any kind of monitoring report you want.
11. It has a centralized server (web service) which has the software category information.

Technical Details:
1. Uses windows API and .Net for client side technologies
2. Uses webservices to communicate with centralized service
3. Server side components are built in Java and Other open source components. It will bring down the deployment costs.

Business Model:
1. License fee for each of the deployment ( $1 for a machine)
2. Access fee to the centralized sever ( similar to Amazon Web Services) $1/1000req
3. Maintenance and support

Next step:
1. Now start coding...
2. Find MBA to write business proposal and to find a VC.
3. Find a KPO or IP lawyer for patenting the algo
4. Find a sales guy to market
5. Find a banker to go IPO
6 Make an Exit plan
7. Sell the company

PP: Patent Pending

Trigger :

Recession. It looks like every company on earth wants to increase the productivity by hook or crook. If products like this can find a market then why not RTPM?

3 Responses

  1. ManojVasanth says:

    RTPI is part of Product Risk Analysis?I mean is it possible to monitor risk of a shift to lower trend productivity growth?

  2. Vinay.V says:

    Altho I more or less like the idea (have some different ideas for the architecture) the biggest challenge is to find a VC and to decide how we are gonna sell the product in large numbers, to build a sustainable business. Lets meetup to talk about this.
    Keep the ideas rolling :)

  3. W says:

    I just came across something incredible and I thought it would be appropriate to share it here.

    “The Times has seen a patent application filed by the company (Microsoft) for a computer system that links workers to their computers via wireless sensors that measure their metabolism. The system would allow managers to monitor employees’ performance by measuring their heart rate, body temperature, movement, facial expression and blood pressure. Unions said they fear that employees could be dismissed on the basis of a computer’s assessment of their physiological state. ”


    Beat this!