Indians should oppose the changes to IP laws : RMS

Indians should oppose the changes to IP laws : RMS
RMS was addressing the gathering of 4th International GPLv3 conference at Bangalore. He was in his regual mood
with the software freedoms
(a) the freedom to use the software,
(b) the freedom to copy and share the software,
(c) the freedom to modify the software (this requires the source code to be available), and
(d) the freedom to run and distribute modified software.
And how the world as changed since 1991. And why the requirement of GPLv3.

Indians should oppose the to IP laws quoted RMS speaking about the proposed changes to Indian IP laws. They are very similar to DRM laws in US. But the time to comment on the IP law changes was very short and is over. Few from AtlawfForum have commented on that already. Nothing we can do much now; other that hoping comments from guys of AtLawForum will be cared.RMS went on speaking about DRM and TiVoization.He introduced how can sometimes (remember not always) GPLv3 can protect you from DRM. He also explained self coined word TiVoization

From Wikipedia

Tivoization is the use of free software in environments that deny end-users the benefits of the free software — for instance, using it in systems that use DRM to prevent modifications.
This word came about because TiVo's use of Linux along with DRM has made it difficult to extend and improve the Linux software used in a TiVo box.
The word was coined by Richard Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Movement, the GNU Project, and the Free Software Foundation.
Because Tivo's software incorporates code licensed under the GPL, TiVo is required to release the associated source code. One of the goals of this requirement is to allow others to modify the software to better suit their purposes (Stallman's "Freedom 1"). However, Tivo circumvented this goal by making their program only run if it includes a cryptographic signature which can only be generated by TiVo. Thus, while the user has the right to modify the software, the modified software will not run on TiVo's hardware. Many of the authors of the code that Tivo used complain that their work has thus been misappropriated.
GPL Version 3 is currently under development. One of its goals is to avoid tivoization.

He went on speaking about the IP and why should we use the word IP. See the video for details.

Afternoon session of the first day was by Eben Moglen. He gave a wondeful effortless talk on GPLv3. He also went on talking about DRM and GPLv3. I couldnt record his speech. I hope GNU India will make it available asap.