RMS speech at 4 intl GPLV3 Conference Bangalore

Indians should oppose the changes to IP laws.

RMS RMS was addressing the gathering of 4th International GPLv3 conference at Bangalore. He was in his regual mood with the software freedoms (a) the freedom to use the software, (b) the freedom to copy and share the software, (c) the freedom to modify the software (this requires the source code to be available), and (d) the freedom to run and distribute modified software. And how the world as changed since 1991. And why the requirement of GPLv3.Indians should oppose the to IP laws quoted RMS speaking about the proposed changes to Indian IP laws. They are very similar to DRM laws in US. But the time to comment on the IP law changes was very short and is over. Few from AtlawfForum have commented on that already. Nothing we can do much now; other that hoping comments from guys of AtLawForum will be cared.RMS went on speaking about DRM and TiVoization.He introduced how can sometimes (remember not always) GPLv3 can protect you from DRM. He also explained self coined word TiVoization

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  1. January 19, 2012

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