GTD Dashboard for your outlook

Get the things done (aka GTD) is a good productivity practice. Outlook users cannot use anything more than tasks and calendar. But GTD is more than just these two. Now we have a simple small add-on to outlook called Jello.dashboard . Its just a 25kb download with an installer. basically it gives you all the functionality to arrange all your outlook items into contexts, projects etc.

The Jello.DashBoard is free and its a single man effort. Consider donating if you like his work.

Image credit : Jello.Dashboard.
Download the Jello.Dashboard

Below is the complete list of features

Create and manage contexts and projects
Assign any type of Outlook item to contexts and projects
View your appointments and tasks with due dates
View your favorite Outlook folders from inside the dashboard
Define @Review, @Reference and Context folders for email organization
Search for any type of Outlook item
View helpful lists of Outlook flagged and unread items
View all your items in a comprehensible Master list which you can email and print
Control dashboard’s behavior through user settings
Inbox management including assignment of related folders to context and projects
Localization enabled through separate script file
Documentation is included in tiddlywiki format
HTA standalone version is included
The whole html file can be opened by an IE browser (or firefox with IETab)