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Welcome On/Off Tips

There is great influence on me of LifeHacker and DownloadSquad. They have reached such a remarkable state in making its readers more productive online. Even though On/Off Tips is not in direct competition with them. I must agree that we might have similar stuff sometime. But blogosphere is very big. And it is growing everyday in terms of readers and publishers.Which means there is place for everybody who works. Hence we have one more addition to TechMag, Biz Blog Group. This will be our second blog offering; the first one being EventsBangalore.

We here at OOT (On/Off Tips) will work hard to bring you those tips that will make you more productive and efficient. As the name suggests both online and offline. The idea for this blog got into my head yesterday. And I wanted it online as soon as possible. Hence you are going to see lots of changes in coming days. And also there are going to be more contributors than just me. I am struggling to bring the best to you.

Thank you for visiting and I appreciate.
Thejesh GN
TechMag Biz

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  1. s@n:)eep says:

    Guru yen guru idhu….???

    thalege yenu hoditha illaa….!!!