Looking back to the begining of online life

My online life started with with newsletters. Static htmls uploaded to geocities and then posted to friends. Here is part of first one

Issue:1 Date:25062003 TechMag Weekly By: Thejesh GN

Editors Note:

Hai everybody,
I am Thejesh GN starting my first newsletter.Since I am an engineer it is obvious that it will be a tech newsletter.You can expect all types of tips, tricks, pointers to other sources etc here.Even though this is not a full-fledged magazine,I will try to make it.You have any suggestions plz send it to my mail id mentioned below.As well if u have any interesting news or articles plz send it...vinayind specially this line is for u.I am sending presently this to all my friends. Sorry if u do not like this. Just mail me. I will not send u in future Or in case any of ur friends like this pls forward or send his mail id to me.And this Editors Note is not a regular feature.and u will get the Techmag on mondays.
Enjoy the first issue.
Thejesh GN

Thats how my blog life started.My life went through lots of changes after that. I went to milwukee. I stayed there almost an year. Thats where I got my domainTechMag. I started drupal and I still run drupal. Once I came back I started EventsBangalore. Its running on wordpress.Its doing very well. Then I got On/Off Tips to share the tips. Its my first .com domain. Its hosted on blogger. But still I didnt have place to put my thoughts. Thats when got Thejesh GN. Nothing beats a domain with your name. Its now my OpenId too.

4 Responses

  1. Veetrag says:

    coool! really interesting.

    Let me see if I can find out what I did first on internet.

  2. That’s a nice perspective of your online activity.

    Very well done, keep up all your nice work.

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