Backing up my geocities home page

I had a small home page on geocities way back in 2002/3. Just like any other home page it had a page about me, my friends, contact details and one page about my personal project. Since geocities is closing down, I thought of saving(rather downloading) my web history.

Back then (2003) I used to run a weekly newsletter called techmag.It had some 200+ subscribers.I also had a place on the web where I used to upload newsletters and it still exists. Time to back up those letters too.

Update: Use wget to download the whole website. The HTMLs might have extra tracking javascripts from geocities. You can write a small script to remove them.
If your site is small, then login and download the HTMLs directly.

3 Responses

  1. Treasure it !!! :)

  2. Technogati says:

    I feel you should keep all things alive for long time.

  3. Ashly says:

    thankX for the info !!! I was not aware of this closing down!