Plan- Bangalore to Kanyakumari

The plan for the ride would be something like this.
Day 1- Friday :10/08 10pm - Stay Huskur Gate
Day 2 -Saturday:11/08 4:30am - Leave to Madhurai
Day 3 -Sunday:12/08 05:00am - Leave to Kanyakumari
Day 4 -Monday:13/08 02:00pm - Leave Kanyakumari
Day 5 -Tuesday:14/08 05:00am -
Day 6 -Wednesday:15/08 05:00am -
05:00pm - Reach Bangalore

We had a planning meeting last week. You can find all my videos in video section.

This story is a part of my ride from Bangalore to Kanyakumari called MissionKK.To read all the related stories use the link. MissionKK

8 Responses

  1. sandeep says:

    Guyzz there is a small change change in the Plan.
    Kindly bare with that.

    Me n Andy calculated the exact distance.
    It came upto 890 Km frm Bangalore to KK.

    So we have to skip Rameshwaram. :-(

    One morething is we are starting on Sat Early morning frm Thej’s house.

    So we camp @ Thej’s place on Friday nite.Will leave early morning 3AM stright towards Madurai.

    Again stayback in Madurai. i.e. Saturday nite v will stayback in Madurai.

    N early morning from Madurai head st. towards KK.

    By Sunday nite will be in KK.
    Monday morning roam around in KK.

    Evening will leave or stayback…!!!!(I have bit confusion here. Guyzz plz put ur ideas here….)

    N from ther st. head towards Bangalore…….940 Kms.

    U will have Tuesady n Wednesday for 940 KMs….!!!!

    Wat say Guyzzzz…

  2. anand says:

    Monday evening lets leave KK and head toward Trivandrum and night halt at trivandrum.
    here either we visit the padnaban temple in the eve and morning leave and head towards guruwayur. or eve visit the beach and hav a early morning darshan at the temple and head towards tirisur.
    We have darshan at guruvayur and head towards nilambur. we halt at nilambur and next day morning head towards bangalore and reach by 6.

    pour in ur ideas on this

  3. sandeep says:

    Mission KK

    HOwz it???

    Theja start a chapter on this… in ur blog.

  4. MK says:

    Mission KK
    We leave Theja’s house on Saturday morning 3.’clock.
    While coming back, my suggestion is not to we have to reach bangalore as early as possible say by afternoon of wednesday…..

  5. anand says:

    its easy to write it on a blog sandy…but u need to drive na??? :)

  6. Mathang says:

    What’s happening? Why this change? Why have a meeting to decide something and undo everything?

    What’s the reason for changing this?

  7. Mathang says:

    Boda, beer kudu plan ella change mad-bedappa

  8. sandeep says:

    illa guru….Kms mention maadidhini nodu….

    Beer kudmele reality yenu antha gothaythu…..

    Adhikke Plan anlli change…..:-)