Happy to see Aamir Khan Blogging

Aamir Khan one of my favourite actor has started blogging. This blog is supposed to be about Lagaan DVD set. But looks like Aamir is so involved in the blog that he has started speaking about everything about himself. His third post titled Refreshing speaks about what he likes about blogging

First of all I want you'll to know how refreshing it was for me to read all your responses. This is the first time that I am doing something like this and I think I'm enjoying it. Its really great to be able to connect with you'll directly. First hand, no mediator, no newspaper, magazine, or TV channel.

You'll should know that I rarely use the net, the computer scares me, and I usually can't get past the first step in anything electronic. So for me to manage a blog is a big one. Also pardon my net manners. Still learning. Well, let me try and address some of the things that you'll have brought up.

Well I should say Aamir. Welcome to blog world. I wish you all the best. And to I liked your small post about Bangalore. Keep writing.

2 Responses

  1. prasoon says:

    Hez been blogging regularly n posts are varied right down to earth :)
    Also, hez reading comments n answering quite a few – wo !!

  2. thejeshgn says:

    that is where he is so different from others in bollywood